Health and Beauty Horoscope July 6 to 12

Health and Beauty Horoscope July 6 to 12 horoscope of the week discover the surprises that you reserve the stars in Health and Beauty .

Aries The week provides for you a great physical strength, but you also have a better care of yourself, check the possible boring chronic diseases, musculoskeletal, limit intake of sweets and alcohol.

Taurus Devoted to physical activities like stretching, or other sports that keep the flexibility of the spine. If you want to eliminate imperfections, they create complex, act well on your look, to Undergo beauty treatments, or even cosmetic surgery. But do not overdo it.

Gemini For an overload of stress, the nervous system will be put to the test, as a result, you may have problems inflammatory and muscle, especially in your his back. Try the stone-therapy (massage with hot stones).

Cancer This week no eating disorders, is the best time to take care of your overall image. But nothing aggressive treatments, all you need is all the relaxation of gentle care. Abounds with legumes, soy and spinach.

Leo In these days not to abuse alcohol and drugs. Nothing violent or sports that require intense effort, better ones that help muscle coordination, and relax the nervous system, such as tai chi or yoga with music.

Virgo The stars will ensure a good physical form, accompanied, however, a tendency to gluttony, and to debauchery. So, watch out for possible weight gain. Without ever losing sight of cholesterol and liver.

Libra Physical activities recommended in this week, are dancing and jogging, but also go well running and swimming. As for beauty treatments, so a pedicure and foot massage (reflexology). The evening limit intake of carbohydrates.

Scorpio Many of you may feel more urgent, the desire to change the look and find the strength to make it happen,: attention but where do you turn to specialists. Lunch favors seasonal fruits and salads, and try not to tire the liver.

Sagittarius Excellent week, living in step charge and with optimism. Make the move, will give faster results than the average, and you can refresh the image centering winning. Better to limit the consumption of bread, pasta and rice.

Capricorn Rapidly improves health, any ailments disappear, but you’d better start thinking about a diet sober, for those who want to have incoming news that could enlarge the size. A table avoids red meat and white ones you prefer.

Aquarius Do not exceed the strain, and avoid anything that could cause, annoying indigestion and bowel. If you feel tired and listless, it is essential to rest more, to be energetic and productive.

Pisces Health is good, but you should begin to control the supply, with a focus on foods rich in vitamins, palatable but they weigh as calories. Avoid too much spicy food, or overly seasoned. Yes to walk outdoors, good for mood and circulation.

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