Astrological Element Air

Astrological Element Air The Element of Air is associated with the Zodiacal signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. It governs the Third, Seventh, and Eleventh House Astrological. Is thin air that normally surrounds the feature this element. Carefree people are brilliant thinkers, handle well the abstract reasoning. They love to analyze, synthesize, investigate.
You have a dilemma? Pass it to an Air Sign and watch it go to work.

Individuals dominated by the Air element and want converse is probably not for confusion. They are smart, curious and perceptive. The World Seen From an Air Sign is interesting, as their analysis and the subsequent explanation (hopefully in terms that we can understand) indicate. Those influenced of air are inventive and intelligent. They see each side of the equation and are able to understand what is the best approach. Balance is important for Air Signs.

Therefore, the Air Signs are fresh as a summer breeze, or howling like the wind? probably both. While these people are often quiet, calm and collected, they can stiffen if their balance is upset. A word to the wise, there is little potential to exacerbate an Air Sign.Another good thing with the sign of Air, is that it is manifested in the most humane. Those who are affected of air can really get in the shoes of others. They are objective, staff and really want to help build a better world. There is no harm in these people, only a brilliant idealism that can accomplish much.The Air Signs are communicative, intellectual, intelligent and fair. However, they can blow both heat and cold, so attentive to the icy currents.

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